Welcome to Red Zone Zombie Survival Events. Our aim is to provide an exciting and immersive Zombie experience in which you and your friends can battle to survive the evening. We will be using the Humber Airsoft Club site at South Ferriby, North Lincolnshire for these events, utilising all the areas of the site including the Firebase and Village.


You can choose to be a Survivor or a Zombie.

Being a survivor, your task is to survive the evening using whatever means necessary. Zombies are everywhere and so are other survivors. They will be fighting you for supplies. Survivors can be armed with either an airsoft version of a Pistol, Shotgun or electric gun (Restricted to less than 350fps and single shot only).

Being a Zombie you are unarmed and will be shot at. But the fun gained from playing a Zombie is immense. There are prizes for the Zombie with the most kills at the end of the event. Roleplay will be required so please try to dress for the occasion. 


Stay tuned for our events coming soon!




Survivors - £25
Zombies - Free
A £10 non refundable deposit will be required to secure your place see link below, the remaining balance can be paid on the day in cash or by card.


What time does it start?
Gates open at 5pm.
The safety brief will be at 7pm. (You must be booked in by this time)
End of game-play is at 10.30pm.
There will be a break in-between.

What do i need to bring?
Your own Airsoft Weapons.
Strong Footwear eg: Boots (no trainers).
Clothing you dont mind getting dirty.
Safety eye wear.
(We do have some of the above items available for hire).


How old can i be to participate?

Our minimum insured age is 10, but we would advise being 14 or over to attend.

Food & Drink:
We have a shop on site selling cans, bottles, crisps and chocolate.
There will also be burgers available to purchase at break-times.


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