What do i need to bring to an event?

To be allowed to play you need a few basic items:


New Players:

- Strong Boots (Patrol Boots or Safety Boots)

- Some old clothes or combats (you may get dirty)

- Spare cash for extra bb's etc.

- Eye Protection (Hires are available, must be up to the EU standard)


Experienced Players:

- Strong Boots (Patrol or Safety Boots)

- Eye Protection

- Food and Drink

- Spare BB's, Batteries etc

- Usual skirmish kit


How Much does it cost to play?

Walk on Prices are £15 if pre booked, but if you just turn up on the day it will cost £20. Walk ons are for people with their own kit and guns, and dont require any of our kit.


Hire Package Prices are £35 if prebooked. We also ask for a £20 deposit before the event to secure the usage of the equipment, as they can get booked up fast. Prirority on the day is given to those who have deposited. This price includes the entry fee.



To pre book you must message us via the book now form on this website, email, TXT or facebook message. Pre booking closes at 6pm on the Saturday before. Bookings made after this time are not liable for the £5 discount.


How do i get my own RIF/Rifle?

Under the VCRA act you have to be over 18 and a registered skirmisher at an insured airsoft site to be able to buy a Replica Imitaion Firearm. If you dont have a vaild defence your weapon will be painted a bright colour upon purchase.


Can I Register for UKARA or BAC at your site?

Yes, we are fully UKARA and BAC Registered.


How do i join the Humber Airsoft Club?

Club membership is obtained at site and costs £25 per year, Renewals £20 per year after.


This Gives you:

Registration to the UKARA and BAC Schemes and/or a Valid Defence for purchasing RIF's.

Discounts and access to certain member Events.

Free Battery Charging. Free Tea & Coffee.

The bonus of only filling in one insurance waiver a year.

Humber Airsoft Patch & Membership Card.


Kids/Childrens Rules & Regulations:

Our minimum playing age is 9 years.

Any players under 18 years, needs a parent to sign an insurance waiver when signing in.

Any player under the age of 17 must wear full face protection.

Playes under the age of 12 must be accompanied on site by a parent or guardian, or someone over 18.

We have a child protection policy in place, copies of which are posted on our notice board on site.


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